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Using modern techniques alongside contemporary and traditional craft allows us to clearly communicate and work with you in order to realise your design, whilst retaining the true craftsmanship and detail you expect from traditional furniture manufacture.

Our skilled craftsmen are trained in traditional and contemporary furniture construction in order to bring the best of both worlds and create a finished piece fit for purpose.

We will work alongside you through visualisation and materials, creating drawings prior to manufacture.

In addition, we have to capacity to not only tackle residential clients but also full bespoke suites on a commercial scale.



With our own line of fabrics, we are able to offer truly unique pieces, bespoke to you, with a superior knowledge of how the the material acts and ages. We are also able to stock fabrics from Romo, Villa Nova, Perennials, Whistler Leather and many more with a large range of solid woods, veneers, metals, and finishes available to you.


We are accredited by The Association Of Master Upholsterers and our master upholsterers can revive the most vintage of pieces fully restoring them to their former glory. It is also possible to completely redesign your piece with a full restoration, from stitch to stain.


Bespoke Furniture Examples


Bespoke Lounge Chair | Private Client


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